SeaMOB Search and Rescue Transponder

Advances in AIS( Automatic Identification System) technology across all sectors of the Marine Industry ,has created a vast and rapidly growing network that is ready to be tapped. SeaMOB Search and Rescue Transponders exploit AIS technology and its ever growing network to provide users with a reliable and unprecedentedly efficient search and rescue experience.

SeaMOB's greatest advantage lies in its use of AIS technology. SeaMOB distress signals are picked up by virtually all vessels carrying AIS chart-plotters (commercial and non-commercial) within the vicinity. The receiver of the distress signal will be able to see the current GPS position of a person or a life raft in distress on their AIS chart plotter.

Once activated, SeaMOB emits recurring AIS alert radio signals with the real-time GPS position of the Man Over Board. SeaMOB units come in a variety of 3 activation methods to ensure adaptability to various solutions to Man Overboard scenarios .

SeaMOB has full approval of some of the world's most trusted and recognized maritime institutions. Such institutions include: the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH), the US- Federal Communication Commission (FCC) , US Coast Guard, and now Industry Canada (IC). The said approvals stand testament to SeaMOB's outstanding quality. Thus making it the ideal Search and Rescue Transponder that one would trust their life with.

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